When you take a cab, you can meet with very interesting taxi drivers. Aivars is one of these very special drivers. Safe ride and nice view.
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JOERN (22)
Now safeguard, Joern has worked also as stripper. Really masculine with well trimmed body he is sensual and dangerous at same time. Even our hypersexual cameraman Rix had not enough courage to touch him.
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CHRIS (21)
One and only model in our collection who has earlier experience to be naked in front of cameras. His main interest is SEX.
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He is 19 years old boy, who is just returned from regular service in army and is looking for a job. Vladislav claimed he's a straight. When I asked if he never had a feeling to try how it is to be with another man, he said he never had an opportunity, but some day he wants to try, but no cam. Let's do it now, I said and ... I was forced to use hidden camera.  
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Video - made with candid camera - is available on members section.

MARIO (18) & HINDREK (20)

REIG (18)

EDIK (23)
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SVEN (18)

LEV (20)
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